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NBA 2K21: The best finishing badge

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Although many NBA 2K21 players will choose to focus on shooting and play in the production of MyPlayer, fans who want to create a powerful killer will want to increase their investment to complete the game. Buy NBA 2K21 MT will enable players to obtain advanced players. Indeed, putting points into finishing can give players a big advantage in paint, especially if they can use some of the best finishing badges. For fans who are curious about what the best badge is, this guide can help you.

Even if players do not plan to perform heavy tasks in NBA 2K21 and can only equip one or two badges, the suggestions here are still valid. These fans should consider using the badges at the top of the list, because the first two badges are cheaper than the others and can bring reasonable returns to players without spending a lot of money. With this, here is the best finish badge for NBA 2K21.

What is the best end badge for NBA 2K21

1. Crushed stone finishing machine
Slithery Finisher is almost certainly the best badge for NBA 2K21, and players should prioritize it. Equipped with this badge, fans will find that they often dunk, which is very obvious at the Hall of Fame level.

2. Contact Organizer
The contact finisher follows the Slithery Finisher, this badge will help players get more contact dunks. That said, NBA 2K21 fans still need to focus on the right timing, because Contact Finisher can lead to an increase in bad layups.

3. Ruthless Organizer
Managing endurance can be a big challenge in NBA 2K21, which is why Relentless Finisher is so good. Indeed, players who find themselves often tired when reaching the paint zone should definitely consider equipping this refined badge.

4. Giant killer
This is a great finishing badge for tacklers, because it can not only help solve problems caused by height mismatches, but it can also effectively avoid obstacles created by Rim Protector in NBA 2K21.

5. Consistent organizer
Consist Finisher is perhaps the best layup badge in the game, and fans who think they lack too many direct shots in NBA 2K21 should feel that they get the desired result from the equipment.

6. Fancy footwork
Although the level of fancy footwork is not exactly the same as the other completion badges on the list, especially the "Contact Completer" and "Slithery Terminator", for those players who are interested in Euro, Jump and Spin, this is A completely reasonable choice sim.

Now focus on 2K MT to get the ideal MyPlayer, so that you can enter the climax of the game as soon as possible.

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