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"World of Warcraft" fans are still decoding this chart, making predictions about the storyline

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As the next "World of Warcraft" expansion approaches, fans are digging into beta versions of test areas and data mining to understand what might happen next. Shadowlands has taken an unprecedented step. It is a huge expansion that brings players into a new real world: the afterlife. Every soul in the game will go to the place where they died, judged and sent to a specific area. . As players browse the written log and cutscenes text, they will filter through the metaphorical tea, in order to  Buy WOW Classic Gold find future patches, storylines and even expansion. But forming these theories usually requires reference to specific graphs.

During Legion, Battle for Azeroth, there was a reminder about the importance of the chart, and now the Shadowlands beta is being much more blatant about it. The video produced by the creators of the World of Warcraft community has titles such as "Behind Shadowlands The truth creates how life and order make the universe into trouble" and "This is crazy-the evil behind everything in Warcraft?"

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This chart was released five years ago in the  WOW Classic Gold book "World of Warcraft: Chronicles", which provides an overall overview of the entire World of Warcraft, from the origin story and ancient history to the repeat of RTS games and MMOs. And this book is still one of the most discussed parts of "Warcraft" because it supports everyone's major theories and crazy predictions.

In the middle of this map, we can see "reality", and next to it is a small picture of the planet Azeroth. Maybe your ordinary farmer doesn't know what doesn't exist, even for the players, our adventure activities are basically carried out here, and I briefly visited Emerald Dream. Shadowlands and Emerald Dream are layers of existence, above reality. Emerald Dream is a variety of Alpha blueprints, a version of the world that humans have never touched. Druids have been wandering around in Emerald Dream. At the same time, Shadowlands is the place where souls die. Each version of heaven and hell is compressed into this small part of the star chart.

On the Warcraft Lore subreddit subdirectory, a popular topic recently is that fans eagerly posted information about a data mining lore in the Shadowlands beta. A poster read: "Oh my God, this might be huge," linking beta information and predictions to the content of this cosmic map. This makes me very excited, and may become one of the better plots.

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