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NBA 2K21: Will we get news in the State of Play event?

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There may not be much confirmation on the PS5 game status, but we are full of hope for NBA 2K21. The next state competition event will be officially announced on August 6, just like the PS5 Reveal event, it may bring great significance to NBA 2K21. You only need to spend 2K MT to open the amazing package in NBA 2K21. Of course, in auctions, NBA 2K21 MT is often used to exchange NBA 2K Player cards, then build your team and make it stronger.

NBA 2K21 announced
Most people's first real understanding of NBA 2K21 was in the PS5 Reveal event in the form of NBA 2K21 announcement trailers. It features Zion Williamson's engine game screens and is also used as a cover reveal.

Game state
The details of the tournament status are finally here, the latest tweet from the PlayStation account, we now know that it was officially announced on August 6. Official news: The game state will arrive on August 6. Prior to this, 2K Sports has remained silent on the game. Few are more suitable for this newer game format than NBA 2K21!

Can I see NBA 2K21 in the State of Play event?
The "Status Game" event is very suitable for the next major update of NBA 2K21. The announcement trailer for NBA 2K21 has sparked a lot of hype. Can another trailer follow suit? 2K Games has not released any other trailers, but we think there may be some phenomena that will surprise the audience and keep the hype. With the official return of the NBA, now is a good time to take advantage of this moment and Buy 2K21 MT in the early game release.

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