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Path of Exile patch 3.11.1d path brings bug fixes etc.

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The 3.11.1d patch of the Path of Exile Harvest Alliance is almost entirely focused on bug fixes. Repairs range from client crashes to Ballista Totems that use Power Siphon to cause performance problems, prevent automatic harvesting of Harvest seeds, and so on. For those experienced players, every bug fix increases the player’s sense of experience. At the same time, in order to continuously improve their sense of experience, Buy POE Currency Xbox is the most effective way.

For example, crash fixes include: fix client crashes that may occur when using Shield Charge. Fixed a client crash that may occur when taking screenshots.

Other bug fixes include: gifts, tributes or offerings dedicated to the goddess in the area created in the maze, instances that have been opened before and timed out, will no longer grant items or experience when re-entering. This used to apply to all maze difficulties. By using the "Storage View" feature, it is no longer possible to place Harvest infrastructure from storage. Believers in the boss room of the "Monitoring Map" can no longer use the "Broken Nemesis" modifier. The ista cannon totem no longer plays the assault effect.

Remind players that using unique POE PS4 Orbs is very important to defeat the ultimate boss of the game. Finally, the team recently explained the thoughts on Bloom and its implementation in Harvest. You can watch the detailed content on the official website.

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