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Lillard is a former Webb State basketball star and current Portland Trail Blazers guard. He recently announced that he will be the cover player of the next NBA 2K21 video game. This is a milestone in his career. It's time to focus on NBA 2K21 MT and prepare for your team.

Lillard said in a statement: "For me, this is a special moment in my career. For many years, I have been a fan of NBA 2K and love them to represent all aspects of basketball culture. I am 2K. It’s an enthusiastic player, so I’m honored to be with other great NBA players who have participated in screens. I thank all the fans and can’t wait for everyone to experience this game this year." Lillard is right. Even strictly from the perspective of marketing and public relations, athletes who do video game covers can see long-term success. An expert believes that this may take his career development to the next level.

He has been the subject of social media discussions for many years. He now has two viral GIFs, starting with his shocking three-pointer rate against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the 2019 playoffs and ending the team’s Russell Westbrook. And Paul George. But becoming a screen player may bring him more success than he is now, which will take him to the next level.

NBA is a global product. It is all over the world. The cover of a video game may have flaws, dan. A large part is because of the rendering of the media. For example, NBA 2K has its own curse to some extent. Cover stars usually leave their current team and come. Kyrie Irving is on the cover of 2K18. Before the game started, he moved from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Boston Celtics.

This year, NBA 2K released four separate games with different games on the cover, each with a different screen player. The standard version has Lillard. This is a good thing for those who are already tired of the game, as you can see from the transaction to NBA 2K20 MT .

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Madden 21: Passing Guide

Practice these things to make the franchise or MUT the main pass offense. Although the feedback is mixed, there are still many players who want to rule the team. Madden 21 Coins determines your ultimate team. These tips will help you pass your opponents on your way to the Lombardi Trophy.

Pass for "Madden 21"
Delivery is an important part of Madden. We know how important it is to sprint, but to achieve a balanced offense. Whether you are a pocket passerby like Patrick Mahomes or a genius like Lamar Jackson, you have to sit down and throw the ball to win the game.

This is how to do it.
Putting your feet in your pockets will take some time to adapt to this requirement, but standing your feet before throwing the ball can improve the accuracy of the QB used.

rsz 1madden 21 mut qbs, when you are running, straddling or falling on the back foot-Madden 21 will impose heavy penalties to improve accuracy. Many players keep backing down to avoid pressure, but this affects accuracy and means that your pass will take longer than necessary. The irony is that, just like the NFL, you should be in your pocket. Stand up and pass.

Learn the low pass. Press and hold LT/L2 while pressing the receiver button to pass. This is an underutilized pass modifier, which makes it difficult for opponents to pick your pass. In short distances, it must be used. You give up your yardage after catching the ball, but you will protect the ball and it is not easy to make mistakes.

Learn the high pass. Press LB/L1 while holding down the receiver button to pass. This is useful for Redzone scores, especially for large physical receivers. If you have a player like Giulio Jones, you need to use this modifier to make the most of him. This will cause the ball to rise to a high point where the player can actively jump.

Use the pass to lead. Use LS in the direction you want the pass to guide the receiver. If QB throws to the player’s location, they must stop to stop the game or go back to the back, and risk being intercepted.

Consider your blocking plan. In Madden 21, you can move the production line to either side or close it to try to buy more time. But knowing how to make TE or HB in a blocked state is the key. If you are hit, or you can see them rushing to six defenders against your five OLs, please take action. If you want to fight against stars like Aaron Donald, use the two-team option.

At least one of the following routes. Inside, outside, drag. These routes are almost always separated and are ideal for accumulation of steam. The sharp cuts on them always create space well and can be used at checkout. But even then, they can get a starter with double ease. Learn how to hear these sounds in the performance of your choice.

Know your player advantage. The "Superstar" and "X-factor" functions are the last couples of "Last Madman", but their importance does increase in "Madden 21". Knowing what your players are good at, they can greatly change the way players react in the game, thus giving full play to the role of the game. If you do not have a superstar yet, don't worry,Buy MUT Coins can give you priority to get a superstar.



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