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  1. Madden NFL has always been one of the largest franchise brands of EA Sports. Since its release, "Madden 21" has encountered many bumps on the road. NFL sports games suffered a huge blow because fans did not gracefully accept the new franchise. The game does not increase much income, players can Buy Madden 21 Coins through GameMS. Now Madden 21 is trying to redeem itself with new patches and updates. With the arrival of the king of two new consoles, everyone is wondering whether the new console will support backward compatibility. NFL fans have also been thinking: Will "Madden 21" transition from PS4 to PS5?

    Fans are wondering whether it is enough to buy games on PS4 alone, or whether they must buy games on both platforms. If the player purchases Madden 21 on PS4 or Xbox, there is no need to purchase the second copy of PS5 or Xbox Series X. However, this deal has a limitation. Players must have a copy to use Madden 21 in PS4 or Xbox One before December 31, 2020, and upgrade to a newer PS5 or Xbox Series before March 31, 2021. X to take advantage of this transaction.

    This is all thanks to EA Sports. EA Sports has launched dual licensing games for its games, and "FIFA 21" is also one of the dual licensing games. For games that support dual licensing, players only need to have a physical copy or a digital copy of the game and use it in the next-generation console. Xbox One players cannot expect their games to run on PS5, and vice versa, players can only use dual licenses on consoles of the same brand (ie Xbox to Xbox and PlayStation to PlayStation).

    Madden 21 next-generation price and release date
    Madden 21's current console price is $59.99. Players with dual rights will no longer need to pay a penny. The price of the next-generation game has not yet been announced, but it is speculated that the price of the next-generation game will increase by $10. Call of Duty: The Cold War and NBA 2K21 have announced that they will set the benchmark price of the next-generation game at $70. Therefore, it is not surprising if all other next-generation games follow the same approach.

    Madden 21 was released on the next-generation Xbox Series X and Series S on November 10, and the PS5 and PS5 digital editions were released on November 12. You can experience Madden 21 on Xbox Series X and Series S in less than two months, and now it’s time to focus on Madden Coins.

  2. The story background of Shadowlands seems to surpass everything that happened in World of Warcraft before. This fact has some interesting hints to the legend of World of Warcraft. Blizzard needs to  Buy WOW Classic Gold be cautious when balancing its many story promises.

    The plot in the animation makes players have various guesses. Gul’dan’s skull is a feature in the main World of Warcraft schedule, and Illidan Stormrage is known by its name. Did the soul of this version of Gul’dan pass through the Shadowlands, then return via Draenor’s time travel and be killed by Illidan in Legion, and the soul of the alternative version of Gul’dan passed again? In addition to this, will creating a new timeline potentially increase the  WOW Classic Gold For Sale number of animations available, and does Garrosh’s existence in multiple timelines have something to do with his use as an anima battery?

    In fact, the return of Garrosh will also make the next expansion especially emotionally painful for Thall, because his mother Draka is studying abroad in Maldraxxus, and his failed students return in Revendreth. The fact that Garrosh was sent to Revendreth in the game seems to have a decisive significance for his morality. This is repeated in the task of the game itself, but for many players, it is difficult to imagine that this process has made Garrosh humble. This may be why he is so important to Venthyr.

    The Revendreth short film also hinted at Denathrius' own corruption. Obviously, he saved more lives for himself than his own people, even for those who tried to maintain enough life for himself to be put to death. The original purpose of Revendreth was to extract animations from proud souls, and then redeem them. This process is as noble as what happened in the fortress, but souls like Garrosh may be too valuable as an animation resource to be actually redeemed correctly. , That’s why he was bound and tortured instead of carrying a sin stone.

    The short film provides more and more information, which makes us more interested in new expansions, but before it is officially released, we are still racing in the World of Warcraft classic. Of course, players will encounter more or less powerless things during the game in World of Warcraft, such as when fighting with players or bosses. In this case, having a good gear can make you stronger and more comfortable. On MMOWTS, you will find the Cheap WOW Classic Gold you want, where you can get a fair price while enjoying thoughtful service. In this way, you can use very little money to get the gear you want, and the game experience will rise to a higher level.


  3. Madden NFL has always been a franchise to make money for EA Sports, and the NFL sports game Madden 21 has been widely welcomed. But the final product EA provided to them disappointed game fans and gamers a bit, even so Madden 21 sales still increased. Madden 21 has released this update to improve the optimization and performance of the game. These adjustments in the Madden 21 update will make the game experience better. On the other hand, MUT 21 Coins plays an important role in forming the ultimate team. The following are Madden 21 patch notes:

        MUT Squad: Fixed an issue where the role of MUT Squad was not properly respected when certain passes were played
        MUT Squad: Solved the problem of not properly respecting the role of MUT Squad in a fake kick match
        Solved an issue where two attacking users could not pass the ball after RPO peeking and handoff
        Solved other visual issues with player uniforms
        Solved an issue where the Origin PC player would receive an error message and could not start Madden NFL 21

    Madden 21community requirements
    Madden 21’s gaming community is very active and is concerned about it. They make community demands to the game so that they can speed up the movement of things with the help of most people. The following are the recent community requests that Madden 21 is processing.

        Redesign the user interface for player card career statistics: One of the most popular requests is to completely repair the player card. Players want the player card to go deeper and contain more season statistics.
        Player development characteristics: Players hope to adjust the player development characteristics under the franchise model to achieve an appropriate balance between the X factor and superstar players while maintaining the franchise for several years.
        Customization of X-factor and Superstar functions: This is one of the most common requirements in the community. The player wants to place the X-factor ability on any player through the edit player function. After reaching the unlock level and X-factor abilities, players hope to customize these Superstar and X-factor abilities based on the availability in the location group. They hope that this feature can be used in both offline and online franchising.
        Playoff bracket: Players need a visual playoff bracket consistent with the new wildcard format. With this feature, players will not be able to see the complete playoff screen.

    Madden 21 tries to improve itself by releasing updates and patches. Madden 21 update 1.09 has been launched for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Buy MUT 21 Coins can save you time and get high score players as soon as possible.


  4. Although many NBA 2K21 players will choose to focus on shooting and play in the production of MyPlayer, fans who want to create a powerful killer will want to increase their investment to complete the game. Buy NBA 2K21 MT will enable players to obtain advanced players. Indeed, putting points into finishing can give players a big advantage in paint, especially if they can use some of the best finishing badges. For fans who are curious about what the best badge is, this guide can help you.

    Even if players do not plan to perform heavy tasks in NBA 2K21 and can only equip one or two badges, the suggestions here are still valid. These fans should consider using the badges at the top of the list, because the first two badges are cheaper than the others and can bring reasonable returns to players without spending a lot of money. With this, here is the best finish badge for NBA 2K21.

    What is the best end badge for NBA 2K21

    1. Crushed stone finishing machine
    Slithery Finisher is almost certainly the best badge for NBA 2K21, and players should prioritize it. Equipped with this badge, fans will find that they often dunk, which is very obvious at the Hall of Fame level.

    2. Contact Organizer
    The contact finisher follows the Slithery Finisher, this badge will help players get more contact dunks. That said, NBA 2K21 fans still need to focus on the right timing, because Contact Finisher can lead to an increase in bad layups.

    3. Ruthless Organizer
    Managing endurance can be a big challenge in NBA 2K21, which is why Relentless Finisher is so good. Indeed, players who find themselves often tired when reaching the paint zone should definitely consider equipping this refined badge.

    4. Giant killer
    This is a great finishing badge for tacklers, because it can not only help solve problems caused by height mismatches, but it can also effectively avoid obstacles created by Rim Protector in NBA 2K21.

    5. Consistent organizer
    Consist Finisher is perhaps the best layup badge in the game, and fans who think they lack too many direct shots in NBA 2K21 should feel that they get the desired result from the equipment.

    6. Fancy footwork
    Although the level of fancy footwork is not exactly the same as the other completion badges on the list, especially the "Contact Completer" and "Slithery Terminator", for those players who are interested in Euro, Jump and Spin, this is A completely reasonable choice sim.

    Now focus on 2K MT to get the ideal MyPlayer, so that you can enter the climax of the game as soon as possible.

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    Recent Entries

    Practice these things to make the franchise or MUT the main pass offense. Although the feedback is mixed, there are still many players who want to rule the team. Madden 21 Coins determines your ultimate team. These tips will help you pass your opponents on your way to the Lombardi Trophy.

    Pass for "Madden 21"
    Delivery is an important part of Madden. We know how important it is to sprint, but to achieve a balanced offense. Whether you are a pocket passerby like Patrick Mahomes or a genius like Lamar Jackson, you have to sit down and throw the ball to win the game.

    This is how to do it.
    Putting your feet in your pockets will take some time to adapt to this requirement, but standing your feet before throwing the ball can improve the accuracy of the QB used.

    rsz 1madden 21 mut qbs, when you are running, straddling or falling on the back foot-Madden 21 will impose heavy penalties to improve accuracy. Many players keep backing down to avoid pressure, but this affects accuracy and means that your pass will take longer than necessary. The irony is that, just like the NFL, you should be in your pocket. Stand up and pass.

    Learn the low pass. Press and hold LT/L2 while pressing the receiver button to pass. This is an underutilized pass modifier, which makes it difficult for opponents to pick your pass. In short distances, it must be used. You give up your yardage after catching the ball, but you will protect the ball and it is not easy to make mistakes.

    Learn the high pass. Press LB/L1 while holding down the receiver button to pass. This is useful for Redzone scores, especially for large physical receivers. If you have a player like Giulio Jones, you need to use this modifier to make the most of him. This will cause the ball to rise to a high point where the player can actively jump.

    Use the pass to lead. Use LS in the direction you want the pass to guide the receiver. If QB throws to the player’s location, they must stop to stop the game or go back to the back, and risk being intercepted.

    Consider your blocking plan. In Madden 21, you can move the production line to either side or close it to try to buy more time. But knowing how to make TE or HB in a blocked state is the key. If you are hit, or you can see them rushing to six defenders against your five OLs, please take action. If you want to fight against stars like Aaron Donald, use the two-team option.

    At least one of the following routes. Inside, outside, drag. These routes are almost always separated and are ideal for accumulation of steam. The sharp cuts on them always create space well and can be used at checkout. But even then, they can get a starter with double ease. Learn how to hear these sounds in the performance of your choice.

    Know your player advantage. The "Superstar" and "X-factor" functions are the last couples of "Last Madman", but their importance does increase in "Madden 21". Knowing what your players are good at, they can greatly change the way players react in the game, thus giving full play to the role of the game. If you do not have a superstar yet, don't worry,Buy MUT Coins can give you priority to get a superstar.

  5. The New York Giants hosted the Pittsburgh Steelers to begin their 2020 season. What better way to predict the outcome of the game than using Madden 21 to simulate the game? I think there should be no more. If there are a lot of Buy MUT 21 Coins support in the game, then a good simulation effect will be achieved.

    As many people predicted, the game was won by the Steelers 20-6. The first quarter was characterized by back-to-back goals from the two teams, and the Giants even led 6-3 in the second quarter.

    The Steelers broke the lead with great momentum and got a JuJu Smith-Schuster touchdown opportunity. Taking a 10-6 lead will be the start of the unresolved 17 straight points for the Steelers.

    New kicker Graham Gano took a lot of action, kicking his third shot in the third quarter. Unfortunately, the last shot was still far within his range, and the game was only 10-6 left.

    The last dagger appeared in the fourth quarter, and the Giants need to stop. Running James Connor entered the end zone at the end of the third quarter. Later, the Steelers extended their lead with another field goal.

    For the Giants' young offense and second-year quarterback Daniel Jones, low scores are difficult. Overall, the offense only gathered for 208 yards and did not even reach the end zone. The new Giants’ offensive line also struggled, surrendering four sacks to the Steelers’ first aid.

    The only outstanding player in the Giants offense is Evan Engram. Engem seemed to have opened up the entire game. He received a total of 7 passes from 97 yards.

    A surprising statistic that appeared in the game was that the Giants Pass Charge Oshane Ximines ended with 1.5 sacks and 1 TFL. For the Steelers, T.J. Although this is difficult to achieve, ordinary players can easily achieve the game effect they want if they have enough Madden 21 Coins .


  6. Path of Exile is one of the hottest games at the moment. As the currency and medium in the game, Buy POE Currency is used to make and enhance equipment and reorganize passive skill trees. Heist is a new league coming soon in Path of Exile. , The player will steal coveted items with a group of NPCs named Rogues. However, the player cannot break into any position and take what they want. Before starting the Heist, they need to get a contract.

    After the player gets the contract, he can take it to Adiyah in the Rogue port and start recruiting Rogues for the robbery. The thieves are required to cut through the security system or open the door. After setting up "Heist", the player will infiltrate the building and rob as much as possible without triggering an alarm. After the player reaches the target and collects the item, they need to escape quickly while hundreds of security forces begin to gather in their location.

    Hearing the sound of stealth mechanisms and alarms in ARPG seems to be a huge red flag, but GGG has ensured that Heists have the intuitiveness of the core game loop. Players can choose to get past the guards to obtain items, but there is actually no charge and kill every guard in sight.

    Heist's alert level mainly depends on how many items the player has stolen, not the noise they make. If the player obtains an item during the Heist, it is marked as contraband. If the player dies and fails to pass the Heist, all contraband items will leave the inventory. For the first time in the history of Path of Exile, softcore players will need to worry about dying items.

    In order to find the thieves, the player needs to go to the appropriately named thieves port. This location is the home of 17 thieves of different abilities. Some people will open the door better, while others will choose the door lock better. In order to complete Heist , it is important to choose the right gangster to do the right job. The thieves who succeed in a specific robbery conflict will gain a certain level of proficiency experience, allowing them to deal with more severe challenges.

    Players can also use new items to upgrade Rogues in the Great Harbor. Looters can grant players new items that can be equipped on members of the robber team. These can range from lowering their hiring costs to granting players extra damage during the robbery. If the management of Rogues and the detailed project are properly combined, it can develop into a mature companion system in "Path of Exile 2".

    In the Heist League, players can expect to find new basic types of items, enchanted weapons and armors, Exalted Orb with different quality rewards, and a changed version of the iconic "unique copy". Rare items dropped in the robbery will also use the new system, which will scroll the items multiple times before falling to choose the best result. Of course, the classic currency explosion can still be expected.

  7. A player and Ty Walden played the Denver Broncos vs. Tennessee Titans Week 1 matchup on Madden 21. Madden video games have been popular for a long time. In the first week of the 2020 season, Ty Walden and the players compete with each other. This is the Denver Broncos game against the Tennessee Giants. This is the team's true opponent in Week 1. If you don’t have a good player yet, don’t worry, Buy MUT Coins can get you as soon as possible.

    To try to make it as real and accurate as possible: "Monday Night Football" under the lights, without von Miller (probably absent this season), K.J, Hamler out, etc. The Broncos had Bryce Callahan (Bryce Callahan) played for the team's first game, he returned in a great way, intercepting Ryan Tannehill (Ryan Tannehill).

    Denver got the first goal from their 25-yard line. At the start of the game, Phillip Lindsay could only score one yard. But the Broncos performed strongly in the next game, receiving a 15-yard reception against Noah Fant. The Titans once filled the Broncos' running scenes, but Lindsay and even quarterback Drew Locke also made some great gains. All the way to the Titans' 2-yard line, the Broncos tried to get the ball through the newly acquired guard Melvin Gordon. Finally lost 3 yards. However, in the next act, the Titans-fully expecting to pass-are tortured by Lindsay in the next act.

    7-0 Mustang. 3:51 left in the first quarter.
    At the kick-off, former Bronco Kalif Raymond (Bronco Kalif Raymond) took the ball from a yard deep in the end zone. In the end, this will be a bad decision because he was fired at the age of 19. The Titans decided to throw deep at Corey Davis. The ball drove over the target, but the pass was incomplete. In the next game, Tannehill entered a very tight screen, and backcourt player Josey Jewell seized the pass. The Broncos offense put the ball in a good position, the 21-yard line of the Titans. The drive stopped at the 12-yard line and Denver's newly paid Brandon McManus field goal rose 10-0.

    Derrick Henry's game started well, earning 9 yards in the next series. But the Titans decided to try to pass the ball through the screen in the next game and eventually lost a few yards. Feeling that the pressure has dropped by 10, Titan wants to try some tricks. They lined up in the Wildcat formation with Derrick Henry of the bullet gun. Running Darrynton Evans (Darrynton Evans) played, the ball was intercepted after he reached the center, Henry handed the ball to him, received a huge gain of 31 yards.

    After two games, the Titans scored the game's first touchdown. The extra points are missed. Stephen Gostkowski missed a goal with the Titans for the first time. 10-6, Mustang. Throughout the game, the Titans brought heat. Sometimes a lot of lightning strikes Drew Lock. However, when they did not find it, Locke found an open receiver.

    Throughout the game, Tannehill was very careless about football. He got into double coverage more than he should. The result was selected six times. The Titans really like to assault in this game. Locke eventually found rookie Jerry Jeudy (Jerry Jeudy) for a touchdown, and the man who screened him entered the quarterback.

    Henry saw himself in the formation shotgun several times in the Wildcat formation. He did this for the third time. Evans was the player who had previously received the ball from him. He once again made huge gains from the Titans' own 25 yards to the Broncos 4 yard line. A few games later, Tannehill found a touchdown from receiver A.J. Brown. 17-12 Mustang. The Titans felt pressured and felt the need to make a 2-point conversion to make it a 3-point game. Tannehill could not find an open receiver, it took off and ran, but was fired.

    The Broncos remembered the Titans' wildcat formation and wanted to call out their own trick: the end of Jerry Jeudy. This is great for 8-yard runs. Titan Big Mac’s bombs cover a lot, including Locke’s chance of discovering Jeddy’s great harvest. If it wasn't for him to trip, Judyy would enter the game. In the first half, Jeudy had 102 yards. When Tennessee was shortlisted, Phillip Lindsay ran back to score in the first half and scored high. That was Lindsay's third game! Tannehill was selected again to complete the first half. 31-12 Mustang.

    In the second half, the Titans really didn't know what to do. Although they have made some major achievements, they only scored 3 points. But the Broncos eventually fell several times over Tennessee. Tennessee has performed poorly and needs to continue to develop. As Denver's threat rose more points, it was not a real choice at the beginning of the third quarter. The Titans drew another Wildcat formation and successfully shot down the first one in the fourth drop attempt.

    If you want to get more news and consultation, please click: Madden 21 Coins , where you can provide the latest news and MUT Coins that players need.

  8. There are many character choices in "Path of Exile", if you want to easily get started in the Path of Exile, then the witch is your best choice. She is a spellcaster who can cause a lot of damage at long distances, keep you away from the shooting route, and away from distant punishments. The Path of the Necromancer is an excellent path for beginners because it allows you to summon creeps to make up most of the damage. Buy POE Currency can also build more powerful skills and enhance your aggressiveness. You can follow this great road as the starting point for the witches in the "Path of Exile".

    Necromancer Witch build
    Although she has a high potential for personal injury, one of the best ways to play with the witch is to increase the power of the minion and do all the work for you! Necromancy has abilities like Raise Zombie and Summon Skeletons, and is a very feasible way to play, especially for new players who may want to rely more on AI rather than their own mechanical skills. For this version, you need to rely heavily on the Raise Zombie gem, which allows you to raise corpses from the dead to fight for you. Remember, you must have a usable corpse nearby to use it, otherwise the spell will be invalid.

    Necromancer passive skills
    For novices, the huge skill tree seems unstoppable. It doesn't matter, just start small. You want to find skills that can enhance your minions. At the beginning of the tree, select "Energy Shield and Mana Regeneration", which will not only protect you, but also provide you with more mana when the minion is summoned to die. From there, walk up to the right to upgrade the health and damage of your minions.

    Upgrade Zombie Support Gems
    The gems you want to use and upgrade throughout the build process, ideally using a 6-link device (which means using 6 gems and working together). If you don't have enough gem slots, make sure to keep the top gem slots in this list. Of course, you can use a variety of gems to better change your "boost zombie" ability. The most important thing is that your zombie will do all the work for you and finally get POE Currency or other rewards! You can always change your gems, and passive skills are difficult to adjust later.

  9. Colin Kaepernick returned to Madden. Since the 2016 season, when the current San Francisco 49ers' signaler began to kneel down during the national anthem to protest the racial inequality and police brutality in the United States, Kaepernick will return to Madden on Tuesday at EA announced. If players want to obtain elite players like Kaepernick, they need to increase their Madden 21 Coins income. Kaepernick's virtual NFL comeback became the top free agent quarterback in Madden 21, with an overall score of 81. His rating puts him among the elite quarterbacks in Madden 21 and ranks in the top 15 of the 111 quarterbacks in video games.

    EA Sports issued the following statement on Tuesday:
    "Colin Kaepernick is one of the top free agents in football and an entry-level quarterback. The EA SPORTS team and millions of Madden NFL fans want to see him return to our game. Knowing that our EA SPORTS experience is a platform for players to create, we hope to make Madden NFL a place that reflects Colin’s position and talent, rank him as the starting QB, and let our fans express their hopes for the future of football. We have Working with Colin to achieve this goal, we are happy to bring it to everyone today."

    Kaepernick made his Madden debut as a rookie in 2011. According to EA Sports, from 2013 to 2015, he played the leading role in Madden TV commercials for three consecutive years, more than any player in the history of the game. The last time Kaepernick appeared in a game was in Madden 17. The game was released on August 23, 2016, when the reserve quarterback decided not to stand and sing "Stars and Stripes" during the game, marking his first protest before the game "Systemic oppression, racism, police terrorism and injustice". EA Sports responded by updating Madden’s in-game comment, which briefly introduced the entire NFL protest movement triggered by Kaepernick.

    Before the release of Madden 21, EA negotiated with Kaepernick to negotiate his portrait rights so that he could return to the game for the first time in four years. Starting from Tuesday’s update, "Madden 21" users will have the opportunity to sign Kaepernick with any team in the National Football League in the franchise game mode. All users have the opportunity to play the role of Kaepernick in the first week. At present, the most effective way to sign Kaepernick is to Buy MUT Coins to increase players' income.

    For many fans in football and gaming, this moment is crucial. Over the years, those who viewed Kaepernick as a hero for racial justice will have the opportunity to see his talents return to football.


  10. Colin Kaepernick is actually going back to the football field. EA Sports announced on Tuesday that the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback is returning to its "Madden" video game series for the first time since 2016. Players will be able to use Kaepernick in "Madden 21" immediately. Increasing Madden NFL 21 Coins revenue in the early game will actually help players to put top players into their own team.

    NFL TEAMS is very interested in Colin Kaepernick because they have taken alliance actions for more social justice initiatives. The EA SPORTS team and millions of "Madden NFL" fans want to see Kaepernick rejoin the game. The company said in a statement: "We have established a partnership with Colin through'Madden NFL' and solved our past soundtrack errors. Knowing that our EA sports experience is a player-created platform, we hope to make'Madden NFL' has become a place that reflects Colin's position and talents, rated him as the starting QB and let our fans express their hope for the future. Football. We have cooperated with Colin to achieve this goal and we are very happy today Bring it to everyone."

    Starting today, in'Madden NFL 21', fans can let Colin Kaepernick helm any NFL team in a franchise mode, or play with him on Play Now. We look forward to seeing Colin join the "Madden American Football" team.

    Kaepernick's overall score is 81 points, which is higher than that of Cam Newton, Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen. Kaepernick has not participated in the competition since the 2016 season. In Kaepernick's final season with the 49ers, he recorded 2,241 passing yards and 16 touchdown passes in 12 games. He only threw four interceptions. Players who want to get high scores as soon as possible can click Buy Madden Coins.

  11. The realistic depiction of American football in the "Madden NFL" series makes it the preferred franchise for players seeking a lifelike football experience. MUT 21 Coins can buy outstanding players, form their own dream team, and then complete the game according to the script. Challenge.

    After the release of Madden NFL 21, it received mixed reviews from fans, not because of the poor performance of the game, but because of EA's lack of enthusiasm for this series of films. With the continuous decline of critics and user ratings, with each additional item, the "Madden" series seems to lose its charm. With gamers resenting EA's lack of enthusiasm for their favorite football series, the latest entry is a new low for the series.

    The lower score is more of a lack of innovation in franchising than gameplay. EA continues to release the same Madden games year after year, without adding new features or game modes. EA seems to be doing minimal things, causing fan comments to blow up Madden NFL21. Gamers are tired of EA eliminating the same game every year without promoting the series.

    One of the most important issues Madden faces is the lack of competition. Since 2004, EA has signed an exclusive license agreement with the NFL, making it the only official NFL game on the market. The lack of competition caused Madden to stagnate, because EA has no competitors to push them to increase their franchise rights. EA has no reason to improve the game series, because players have no other realistic football matches to do. Bringing intense competition to Madden may give EA some motivation to improve the series.

    Madden fans have also criticized the excessive microtransactions found in recent articles. It seems that the only new content added by EA in the modern Madden title is hidden behind a ridiculous paywall. The ultimate team mode is still crawling in predatory microtransactions, and the new Yard mode has more microtransactions than some free-to-play games. Certain equipment and special content can be unlocked by the player's progress, but the sharpening is not worth it. It is not important to conduct microtransactions occasionally, but in Madden '21, the number of microtransactions far exceeds experience. Hiding most game content behind expensive paywalls is almost an insult to gamers.

    It seems that Madden fans have finally adopted EA's indifference to the long-running sports franchise. Even so, this does not seem to affect Madden 21's sales has been growing, Buy MUT 21 Coins has become a trend.

  12. NBA 2K21 is the latest champion in the world-famous and best-selling NBA 2K series. By completing challenges in the game, harvesting NBA 2K21 MT and forming a powerful dream team. With its first-class gameplay, competitive and community online features, as well as colorful game modes, exciting improvements, NBA 2K21 provides a unique way to immerse yourself in all aspects of NBA basketball and basketball culture-everything is in the game .

    Learn more about MyTEAM mode, MyCAREER mode, and some exciting new updates with new looks. Looking forward to meeting you in NBA 2K21!

    MyTEAM console remains
    For those of you who started the NBA 2K21 MyTEAM experience with the Xbox One version released on September 4, once you start playing the Xbox Series X version, your entire collection and progress will continue. This means that you will have access to all the progress of the cards, domination, triple threat, etc. that have been withdrawn and obtained, as well as the entire balance of VC, MyTEAM points and tokens. It's all there! In fact, you can even play both versions back and forth at will.

    The new MyTEAM season
    One of the best things about MyTEAM is that the model is always evolving, whether through new cards that change metadata or offering exciting rewards. In NBA 2K21, the Seasons concept is introduced into MyTEAM. The season is free for everyone, without any paid content.

    For the 2K21 MyTEAM Season design, there are two main principles: there are new price updates in most modes of each Season, and some new content has been added to each Season mode. In order to avoid breaking any plan, we will be deliberately vague here, please be patient. Some Seasons will add new game content for you, while other Seasons may add new features to the game, or add rewards that you will chase the entire Season.

    New features of MyTEAM
    It is not easy to adapt to all the new aspects injected into MyTEAM this year, but here are some other features worth looking forward to. MyTEAM Limited is a new feature of NBA 2K21. It is a limited-time game mode, available every Friday to Sunday, with new rules every weekend! Find and collect championship rings every weekend of the season to get a powerful card that will make you envy all your opponents!

    New Evolution Card
    The evolution card is back, better than ever! New to NBA 2K21, you will now have better control over the way certain Evolution Cards develop when stacked. Will you improve Shaq's rebounding ability or blocking ability? this is your choice!

    My career
    This year’s MyCAREER story will take you on a personal movie basketball journey to reach your final destination: the National Basketball Association. Build your customized MyPLAYER, take him to the top of the star, and give yourself a name in the global basketball world. To make the journey more realistic, your MyPLAYER will be promoted from high school to one of the 10 officially licensed university courses, such as UCLA, Michigan State University and UCONN. The better you play in college, the better your performance in the NBA. However, just completing the draft does not mean the end of the journey. Push MyPLAYER to the top through big moves on the court, even bigger moves.

    A brand new community
    Welcome to 2K Beach. This beautiful new neighborhood setting brings your game to the beach, and basketball culture comes to life in every corner. Participate in fans' favorite games such as 3v3 streetball matches with your staff, or participate in a bigger bet in 5v5 ProAm games. Upgrade MyPLAYER at your local training institution or Buy NBA 2K21 MT , and use the latest sneakers and clothing to show off dripping water. In your neighbor, basketball never stops, everything is a game.

  13. EA announced that it will make some changes to Madden 21's franchise model in an attempt to resolve some of the biggest fan complaints. EA detailed many changes to Madden 21's franchise model due to poor reaction from fans. The popular sports simulation game was released at the end of August, and now you can use Madden NFL 21 Coins to build your ideal team.

    Since 2004, EA has been responsible for the NFL game adaptation. At that time, EA not only created a series of derivative products, such as Madden NFL Blitz, but also created the annual Madden game. However, the publisher has not recently taken any measures to promote the development of the series, "Madden 21" was controversial before the release, this is due to the lack of detectable progress. Even though some fans of the sport want to see changes, EA has recently signed a new agreement with the NFL to ensure that they have exclusive rights for at least the next few years.

    Madden 21 developer and publisher EA revealed that it is making many changes to the game's franchise model based on fan feedback. In response to criticism, the studio is undergoing a series of changes aimed at improving the overall experience of the franchise model. A total of four key changes have been made. These features include the ability to add X elements and superstar traits to any player as a commissioner. Additional statistics based on the player’s performance in each season will also be added according to the playoff brackets for users to view the entire playoffs screen. Finally, more work needs to be done to balance the development of players so that more people can develop the capabilities of Superstar and X-Factor. EA pointed out that developers are trying to implement these updates without forcing players to restart progress.

    It's not just the franchise model that arouses the anger of fans. "Madden 21" became popular on Twitter immediately after its launch. Players cited many errors and technical issues that prevented them from enjoying the game normally. There are also concerns that EA does not seem to have a clear direction on how to improve the series in the future. Some people are very frustrated, and they ask the NFL to channel EA and work with new publishers to ensure that these problems do not recur in the future.

    Since its release last week, "Madden 21" has proven to be a controversial game. Most of the criticisms focus on the fact that EA has made few changes to the traditional formula, prompting fans to ask whether it really needs to be upgraded to the new version. However, this will convince some fans that EA seems to be listening to feedback and is trying to solve certain problems. But whether the company can win the trust of players remains to be seen. For now, Buy Madden Coins can effectively enhance the player's experience to make up for the lack of the game itself.

  14. If you have just chosen Madden NFL 21, please consider starting this year's journey from the Ultimate Team. This is a great laboratory to test the skills and strategies of various players. This preconceived guide for Madden NFL 21 Ultimate Team will introduce the best way to start this mode, build a good foundation for Madden 21 Coins and how to use it.

    Ultimate Team 101
    When you start Ultimate Team for the first time, you will be taken to Ultimate Team101. A one-time task can bring you on site and off site. They are part of the "Challenge" single player game series and can also be found under the "Play" tab of the main menu.

    In Madden NFL 21's Arcade setting (the easiest of the three) and the three lowest difficulty in the game (Rookie to All-Pro), the Ultimate Team 101 and Rivalz series challenges were played. In the starting team of low-level players, all these players can be easily defeated and are in a rookie dilemma. However, please consider choosing experienced (two stars) or All-Pro (three stars) to complete simpler or shorter tasks, because the total number of stars you earn will unlock tiered rewards.

    But first, please open the virtual card pack that may come with the game (if you purchased one of the special editions of Madden NFL 21). Everyone can get a Superstar MVP package, which can provide 80 points of stars. Make him the starting quarterback for your team. You can do this from the "Team" tab of the main menu.

    Depending on the number of difficulty stars you want to shoot, the Rivalz challenge will take about an hour to eliminate them all. If you complete each mission on three-star difficulty, you will eventually get about 15,000 MUT coins, plus a large number of free regular level players, thanks to the tiered rewards of the challenge, which will help you The team provides some structure.

    Most importantly, you can always have fun in Madden Ultimate Team without spending money. Therefore, if you do choose Buy MUT Coins to buy specific players or meet other needs, please make sure that you get a great value.

  15. The Path of Exile proposes another expansion in the form of harvest. This gives players the opportunity to grow their own monsters and to build eye-catching gardens and increase the craftsmanship they can do. Those who choose not to spend their hard-earned Chaos Orb to buy real-world funds may also be addicted to microtransactions.

    Another ongoing competition is to give away a new set of Alienware gaming laptops. These laptops are sent to the first person who can beat Harvest’s Grove boss' heart, and that person can grow in the game. If you want to pick up relevant PoE projects to develop your boss, then this is the way.

    Grove boss's heart
    Some people may suspect that the monsters that grow in Path of Exile do not completely revolve around the PoE ball. Initially, you need to get seeds from the seed cache, and then plant the seeds in the holy bush. After getting there, you need to place a collector in the center of the seed to collect Lifeforce. Then you can upgrade weapons and plant more seeds. If you want to help plant higher level seeds, you may need to place irrigation lines from the collector, so keep this in mind.

    If you really want to get higher-level seeds, then you can plant monsters that will drop them. For example, defeating a level 2 monster will drop a level 3 seed, and so on. However, if you want to use this method, remember that the higher the monster level, the more difficult it is to defeat them. To plant a level 4 seed, you need to plant it near the level 3 seed. In total, you need to harvest eight crops of the same color before harvesting. Your goal is to defeat monsters from level 4 seeds. These seeds include wild thorn fruit, vivid Scaelefruit and Primal Blisterfruit. After completing this operation, you can plant the "Grove Heart", which can be obtained after 100 maps.

    Beat the Heart of Grove
    Now that you know how to harvest the boss, you will have to defeat it. The heart attacks the player with projectiles, so you need to avoid this attack quickly. You can distinguish the phase of the boss by color. The best option is to attack when she charges, so stay defensive until you find the right opportunity. Her orange stage will cause her divine pain, which is a yellow patch placed on the floor. You need to stop it from spreading, so please break the wall to stop her from causing damage. At the same time, her purple stage will see that she is charging and launching the Orb of Thorns, so this is necessary. In the green phase, the boss is equipped with a grapevine hammer, she will use it to hammer the ground, so you have to keep your distance again to avoid this kind of charged attack. The blue stage then sees the volatile orchard being charged and sending out snakes that will transform into balls to chase the player.

    If you Buy POE Currency and then beat Heart of Grove, then you can be proud of beating the newest member of this popular ARPG title. If you want to complete more challenges, remember that you can regenerate the Heart of Grove to experience it again.

  16. NBA 2K20 has many classic NBA teams to choose from, and NBA 2K21 will add at least two more. On Sunday, 2K posted a picture on Twitter, revealing the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors and 2018-19 Toronto Raptors as the new classic lineup. Buy MT to get superstars from these teams.

    It is always fun to see new classic teams, but these two teams have not really added the main players of the game. Therefore, revelation is not that special. There are still many classic teams that will become important members of the game.

    The two best performers were the 1992-93 Phoenix Suns and the 2004-05 Indiana Pacers. From the perspective of a basketball legend, both teams include the two biggest turnovers in the NBA 2K universe. That's Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller. If 2K can achieve this goal, they will eliminate major gaps in nostalgic products for virtual basketball fans.

    The Utah Jazz in 2008-09 is a very interesting team and there are not enough mentions. With the major Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer, Mehmet Okur, Paul Millsap and Andrei Kirilenko, there are some interesting additions.

    The other is the 2009-10 Los Angeles Lakers. It would be nice to have a team led by Kobe-Bryant in this game. So far, Kobe's career has not been reflected in the game. It seems that this game may be Andrew Bynum (Andrew Bynum), if 2K can reach an agreement with him, then this lineup can be added as early as this year. If players want to earn the above superstars earlier, then it is time to invest in NBA 2K21 MT.

  17. Summer is coming to an end, which also means that the latest version of Madden has been released. This year is a strange year that can't be described in words, but in any case, Madden has arrived on schedule. Even with various sounds, you can still feel that Madden 21 is one of the most popular games at the moment. Madden 21 Coins enables players to unlock powerful players.

    Since its release last week, "Madden 21" has attracted a lot of attention, including various faults and errors with varying degrees of error. New video games are always handled in a certain way, shape or form when they are first released. This is very stupid, but not really worth trying, because it is a game glitch. However, some faults are worth solving. Virtual ground crews like this didn't put anything on the field at all!

    People can find dozens of similar videos without having to do a particularly hard search on the Internet. Madden 21 on Playstation 4 has a user score of 0.4 on Metacritic. Yes, the full score is 10. People are very frustrated with EA, and they took their precious time online to give the latest Madden game zero out of 10 stars.

    We may be disappointed. This EA has a complete monopoly in the football video game market, and there is no reason to innovate. They upgraded the graphics engine and added some new tackle mechanisms. They added that "The Yard" is a game mode and I declared that it was too good to be realized before the release. I regret to tell you that my idea is correct, because the new features are hindered by the initial technical problems. It seems to be a good choice when users can actually play the game.

    Overall, EA has always encountered major problems when launching its top games. At the time of release, Titanfall and "Battlefield" games are actually rarely ready, because bugs and malfunctions can interfere with the core functions of the multiplayer platform and the game itself. Therefore, in Madden, wasting energy due to such failures becomes annoying. They will eventually be fixed, but they will always be there when the game starts.

    I still play this game because fans of football and video games are nowhere to be found. Wouldn’t it be great to get a Madden game that is significantly improved over the previous generation, rather than slightly updated? Maybe some headaches will disappear in the subsequent repairs, and Buy MUT 21 Coins will let you enter the game climax in advance. In the end, you will ignore these issues.

  18. The wait is finally over, yes, the "Madden" season is coming soon, "Madden NFL 21" is officially on sale all over the world. The ultimate team upgrade and full domination of your friends. MUT 21 Coins is a crucial factor in forming the ultimate team.

    A lot has changed in Madden 21 this year, so we provide you with some tips to make the most of your Madden experience. So please start taking notes, these are the first five tips for Madden 21.

    Have more fun in Madden's latest mode
    The courtyard is a backyard-style 6v6 football experience. It is a brand-new model of Madden. It is about skill games, the freshest equipment you have ever seen, and a bold attitude. Create a wild game moment, spit out your own custom avatar, and get rewards at the same time. The rise of the NFL stars before they entered the league has reduced the role and created in space.

    Madden American Football 21
    In Madden 21, the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers have an advantage that other teams cannot match. The Chief’s Patrick Mahomes has speed and maneuverability in his pocket, as well as some elite field weapons for throwing. Lamar Jackson (the "Crazy 21" cover athlete, he hums) led a dominant ground game (yes, we know he is QB). The 49ers have excellent defense and excellent action-based offense. The Pirate's Tom Brady (GOAT) is centered, and there are many large, talented options to choose from.

    Learn how to use the "Superstar" and "X Factor" features
    There are more than 50 new Superstar and X-Factor functions in the lab just launched in Madden NFL 21, designed to enhance the new generation of stars. This game-changing ability system is the key to winning, because you can gain (or cancel) a huge advantage at a critical moment. If you know the trigger conditions and knockdown conditions of Superstar and X-Factor players in the team and the opponent team, then you will have the advantage of kinetic energy transfer at the critical moment.

    Master new game enhancements
    Madden NFL 21 is designed to stimulate creativity inside and outside the stadium. Its innovative new gameplay enhancements enable greater creativity and control on both sides of the ball. When attacking, the Skill Stick ball stand system allows users to link elusive skill moves together, resulting in stunning game moments, which may result in touchdowns to win the game. On the defensive side, strategy is more important than ever, because offensive frontline players can now resist repeated rushing moves. Diversify your performance and respond to your trends in a new way beyond smart Adaptive AI adjustments.

    Pay attention to Madden score
    Every week, Madden scores are adjusted based on the performance of national NFL players. And knowing the level of your team and the players of the opponent team will give you a slight advantage. For example, if we are talking about rushing moves, knowing which moves to try and which opponents to patrol against is critical to success. At the same time, Buy MUT 21 Coins is a good way to give your team an advantage.

  19. Path Of Exile is about to launch a new expansion, we will introduce this in detail next week. Prior to this, Grinding Gear Games has been producing some smaller news, although this is welcome news, it will certainly satisfy all tastes to the players. As the currency and medium in the game, Chaos Orb  is indispensable in the game. POE currency covers a series of currency items used to make and enhance equipment and reorganize passive skill trees. .

    The private league has been greatly expanded and the number of players has increased from 2,000 to 3,000. At least that was yesterday's limit; GGG intends to increase the count by 1,000 per day until it reaches 10,000 "or we encounter any size limit issues". As usual, owners of private alliances can change the rule set in any way they like to make things more challenging, or after all, the path of exile, even more challenging. No weak!

    If you want to test your skills for real money, from September 5 (Saturday), you can participate in a special community management event every week, hosted by three community groups, and the players will be composed of four people 'S team participated in the relay race on behalf of the charity and was "eliminated" when one of the members defeated Dominus. The first prize, the second prize and the third prize are awarded 800 US dollars, 600 US dollars and 400 US dollars respectively. In addition, additional gifts will be provided to the actors.

    Currently, the next expansion of Path of Exile is scheduled to be released on September 18, although it can be changed. The support package will go on sale on Tuesday, and the support package for the previous Harvest League will still be available during the next expansion. Finally, POE Currency in the Harvest League will continue until the next expansion period.


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    Recent Entries

    New game mechanics, commitment to player customization, and more real-time service elements make Madden NFL 21 the most future-tested Madden in years. MUT 21 Coins is an upgrade of Madden 20 Coins. Below are the new features of Madden NFL 21.

    The Yard
    This year's Madden brought a brand new mode in The Yard, which is a backyard-style solo and online game mode. In the 6v6 game, a human team consisting of up to three people will design their own avatars and work with real NFL stars to add color to their team, and hit unique fire-resistant boards, fast-paced, stylish football.

    The courtyard emphasizes customization and improvisation. This is achieved in several ways on site. The field was shortened to 80 yards, and the traditional rulebook was abandoned by things such as the Mississippi Rule, which favored lateral and backward passes, and absurd sports moves, such as kicking the pass towards To the teammate in the air, it seems to be FIFA. Players can earn Madden 21 Coins to buy new cosmetics and put their avatars on colorful ribbons to fight against any recorded NFL uniform rules.

    By jerk
    During the game, the biggest change in Madden NFL 21 is undoubtedly the many new steals that enable guards to acquire quarterbacks more effectively than ever. In fact, every button or flick joystick on the gamepad has been designated as a new function for those trying to go beyond the cricket line and put pressure on QB.

    Script 2.0
    This year's game will provide more real-time services to all 32 teams. As the team releases new scripts from their scripts and relies on certain scenarios and scenarios, their Madden scripts will be updated to reflect these changes. If any team decides to uninstall a new trick of an unknowing opponent, you can expect to find it in the next Madden update.

    Next generation upgrade
    As long as the upgrade is performed before the release of Madden NFL 22, all players who purchase Madden NFL 21 will have the opportunity to upgrade to the next generation version for free. Generation upgrades must be carried out in the same ecosystem. Therefore, if you purchase the PS4 version of Madden NFL 21, you will only be eligible for PS5 upgrades, not Xbox Series X version requirements, and vice versa.

    EA's guarantee is part of their so-called dual rights program, co-existing with Xbox's Smart Delivery and similar programs to ensure that players can successfully carry their franchise and all Madden with them until this fall or next year. As Madden NFL 21 is about to be released, Buy MUT 21 Coins can let you enter the game climax in advance.


  20. "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" is this year's popular game. It allows you to enter a world full of personality, allows you to do whatever you want, everyone can enjoy it easily. One of its quirks is that it follows the in-game clock, which means you have to wait for a while to take effect. It reflects your local time. If you live at 10 am, then the time in the game is 10 am. But some players like to get game rewards immediately and choose to skip the wait. Some players choose to Buy Bells Animal Crossing through the online store, saving some meaningless procedures.

    Through time travel, change the system's internal clock to operate in the game. This approach is quite controversial, some people think it will take away the fun of the game, while others use it in every game. However, we are not here to discuss the ethics of time travel in "New Horizons."

    In "New Horizons", no time travel is required. Most players play the game as expected by waiting for changes to occur in real time. But some people think that it is more satisfying to solve the problem immediately. Or maybe your work schedule only allows you to play at night after the game store is closed. As time goes by, these troubles disappear instantly, allowing you to control the game clock. You can use time travel for almost anything. Time travel also allows you to change the date to Sunday, which is the date when Daisy Mae sells carrots-this allows you to use the game's stalk market to get rich quickly.

    Since stores usually have new products every day, other players simply use it to skip daily operations to quickly increase their furniture and clothing choices. There are also some fish that spawn only at specific times of the year, such as pond smelting, which is only available between December and February. Time travel will also speed up the growth of flowers and trees. There are many reasons for time travel, but the main idea is that it can speed up almost every process in the game.

    If, you have decided to travel regularly. We will complete all the steps required to change the system clock, which will control the time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Unlike the previous entry, the time in the game cannot be changed, it can only be changed in the system settings.

    There is no right or wrong answer when you should travel regularly. But time travel will bring some adverse effects, such as breaking Nook Stop’s Nook Miles winning streak, and your island will soon begin to be overwhelmed by weeds. One of the biggest disadvantages is that if you return the carrots in time, the carrots may rot and become useless when trying to sell them, ultimately reducing your ACNH Nook Miles Ticket and ACNH Bells income. However, in the final analysis, whether you need time to travel is up to you, as long as you have fun, both options are good.


  21. Madden NFL 21 was released on August 28, but you can advance the EA Play Early Access version of the game. Buy MUT 21 Coins now allows you to enter the climax part of the game ahead of time, saving the game construction time.

    The early access period of Madden 21 actually starts on August 21, which explains why you might see reactions, comments and game screens on social media during the weekend. You need to have an EA Play membership to access the Madden 21 trial version. This service was formerly known as EA Access, and it costs $5 per month, or $30 per year.

    If you are willing to wait longer, you can start playing the full version of Madden 21 by buying the $80 deluxe version or the $100 MVP version-there is no time limit. This version will be unlocked on August 25. This version is also not subject to any subscription, so you only need to pay once and then keep the game forever.

    If you choose to purchase the game directly, all the progress you made in the EA Play trial version may continue. EA Play members can save 10% on all EA digital content, which reduces the price of Madden NFL 21 Standard Edition from $60 to $54. In addition, the game will support free next-generation upgrades for Xbox and PlayStation until the game is released next year. Madden Coins will also be shared on your different devices. Madden NFL 21 has made many improvements and added a backyard football mode.

  22. The combination of interior design and game content in Animal Crossing has become a phenomenon. Now, IKEA Taiwan has done this by recreating many pages in its iconic catalog using characters and in-game items from the Nintendo title. You can buy items in the store through the buy Animal Crossing Bells.

    Due to the limited interior design options of the game, a catalog with the theme of Animal Crossing is not a perfect fax. But this is a damn good attempt. I especially like how they use the colorful characters in the game and make their clothes almost exactly match the IKEA models.

    Of course, the way to buy furniture at Animal Crossing is different than at IKEA. In "Animal Crossing", buying furniture is a frustrating process, requiring constant visits to the in-game store and hoping that all the items needed to complete the inventory are in the inventory. But at IKEA, buying furniture is a frustrating process, and you are forced to walk around the maze-like interior to find what you need.

    IKEA is just the latest company to join "Animal Crossing: New Horizons". "PR Week" said in May that it has become a "branded PG paradise." Watch corporate brand hijacking a simple game about harvesting the natural resources of the island. If players need to obtain resources, they need to pay Tom Nook a Nook miles Ticket or ACNH Bells. Of course, maybe this is a bit sad.

  23. Madden NFL 21 will officially land on PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 28, but if you are willing to pay, you can play professional football for a whole week. Before the official release date, there are multiple ways to play this year's new football game. Buy MUT Coins can be your ideal team at the beginning of the game.

    EA Sports confirmed that the early use of Madden NFL 21 began on August 21. On this day, you can start playing the full version of the game through EA Play. If the history can indicate, although you can play the full game as early as possible, the total playing time is not expected to exceed 10 hours. The subscription fee for EA Play is $5 per month or $30 per year. This is not the only way to play Madden NFL 21 early. The $80 deluxe version of the game will be unlocked on August 25th with no time limit.

    If you choose to purchase the game directly, all the progress you made in the EA Play trial version may continue. EA Play members can save 10% on all EA digital content, which reduces the price of Madden NFL 21 Standard Edition from $60 to $54.

    Madden NFL 21 has undergone many updates and improvements in last year's game, and also added a new arcade style backyard football mode with skillful gameplay. Investing in Madden Coins now allows you to enter the climax of the game in advance.